Oil Sampling

At Transform Energy Maintenance Services, we offer transformer oil sampling and testing to provide an early warning system to any faults that may be present in the transformer its self or the insulating oil that it contains. We carry out this work on some of the UK’s largest industrial sites such as CF Fertilisers, Timet and Lafarge/Tarmac. We are able to do this work without any adverse effects on the running of the transformer and the overall running of the site.

The work is carried out by a trained professional who is aware of the dangers when around a live transformer. To take an oil sample we will first drain out a litre of oil to avoid any sediment or water that may have settled which could potentially contaminate the sample, the sample will then be taken and stored in a clean new sample jar that is enclosed in a protective tube whilst transported to avoid both breakages and interference from light. Along with the sample we will also take notes of the condition of the transformer. This includes the condition of the pen, the temperature of the transformer, the paintwork on the transformer, the condition of the silica gel crystals, the oil level and whether there are any leaks present.

Once the samples have been obtained we send them to an independent party for the tests to be carried out. Once this is complete we receive reports that we will further analyse and promptly advise the customer upon any action that may be required for the transformer and the level of urgency that attention is required. In the case of any issues we provide an oil filtration service that is used to purify the oil and raise the insulation value to ensure that the transformer remains safe and efficient.

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