Here at Transform Energy we provide a state of the art transformer oil filtration service that is suitable for both midel and mineral oil. We offer a hot filter for larger transformers and a cold filter for smaller transformers. We provide this service to some of the UK’s largest companies; Lafarge/Tarmac, TIMET, Mars Drinks, JD Norman,DHL and many more. All of these companies are amazed at how little interference this process has to the running of their plant as many assume that the transformer will have to be isolated from the supply. Although we can filter the transformer with it powered down this does not have to be the case and many customers opt for the live filtration service meaning that they can continue to run the transformer as they would as if we weren’t even there.

The transformer filtration service is usually provided to a customer on the back of a failure from an oil sample that we have taken as part of our oil sampling and testing service.

This was the case recently at TIMET. This customer has the oil in their transformers tested annually by ourselves as they have seen the benefits over the past years since we have been working for them.

On one particular occasion we received a failure back from the independent company that we use to test the oil samples. This failure was on one of TIMET’s largest and most crucial transformers and from the results it was apparent that something needed to be done about the oil sooner rather than later. In this case there were two options, to either isolate the transformer, drain down and scrap the old oil and buy new oil to re-fill the transformer. This option is not only expensive due to having to purchase the new oil but it would have also meant that part of the plant would have to be shut down throughout the job meaning that production would be halted and therefore costing TIMET more money. This was not the case however as with our help we were able to attend on site with our filtration system, connect the hoses to the drain valve and the header tank then begin filtration within half hour of being on site.

Due to the size of the transformer we had to remain on site for two days to ensure that we thoroughly removed all impurities present in the oil. This however did not have any adverse effects to the running of the plant as it could continue as normal meaning there would be no halt in production and also no expensive costs of purchasing new oil. Once we were satisfied that we had filtered the oil sufficiently we take an oil sample again and test it on site with our specialist test equipment to provide instant feedback and to ensure that further filtration is not required. all of the companies that we have provided this service to have been extremely satisfied with both the result along with the vast amount of money that they have saved from using this service.  

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