Transform Energy Health & Safety

All Transform Energy staff will fully comply with all customer safety requirements and control documentation. In addition we always carry out our ‘on the job’ risk assessment which we consider a key obligation when working at any site.

We have developed our own rigid safety rules and procedures and are happy to adopt them on customer sites. This gives customers with no local Engineering staff piece of mind that all works is closely controlled.

Our Staff take a three yearly assessment via external audit to ensure that their safety competency against our safety rules is maintained to the correct level.

We regard safety as more than a workplace concern, safety is an everyday lifestyle responsibility that benefits everyone involved. With this in mind, we have created and maintained a strong HSE program for our employees, providing them with resources and tools necessary to be safe at work, at home and in their communities.

We update the program regularly with the latest safety procedures and information, and keep employees informed about any regulatory legislations and industry best practices.

Collectively, the steps we take and the cooperation we foster will enable Transform Energy to maintain an incident – and injury – free work environment.

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