High Voltage Switchgear Maintenance

For compliance to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, all electrical equipment must have a schedule of HV & LV switchgear maintenance. Transform Energy have trained engineers with over 40 years of operational experience in maintaining, installing, testing and commissioning power distribution networks.

Regular HV & LV switchgear maintenance is vital to the safe and functional operation of all protection devices in all electrical circuits, protecting your electrical infrastructure and plant. Equally, it is important for the operatives to have safe and reliable switching operations of both high voltage and low voltage switchgear, especially in high energy circuits. Poor maintenance or defective operation in such circumstances can have potentially catastrophic consequences.

At Transform Energy we are committed to responsible power engineering and flexible maintenance solutions. We offer bespoke five year scheduled maintenance packages that fit with your business and production commitments, minimising the impact of downtime in power outages. Transform Energy also offer annual payment plans to suit you.

Transform Energy HV & LV Switchgear Maintenance Includes full testing and inspection on:

  • HV Switchgear (ring main units, isolating switches, etc.)
  • LV Switchgear (airbreakers)
  • HV & LV protection relays
  • DC Battery Charger Units Inspections
  • Power Factor Correction Equipment Inspection


High Voltage Switchgear Maintenance

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