Here at Transform Energy we provide a state of the art transformer oil filtration service that is suitable for both midel and mineral oil. We offer a hot filter for larger transformers and a cold filter for smaller transformers. We provide this service to some of the UK’s largest companies; Lafarge/Tarmac, TIMET, Mars Drinks, JD Norman,DHL and many more. All of these companies are amazed at how little interference this process has to the running of their plant as many assume that the transformer will have to be isolated from the supply. Although we can filter the transformer with it powered down this does not have to be the case and many customers opt for the live filtration service meaning that they can continue to run the transformer as they would as if we weren’t even there.

The transformer filtration service is usually provided to a customer on the back of a failure from an oil sample that we have taken as part of our oil sampling and testing service.

This was the case recently at TIMET. This customer has the oil in their transformers tested annually by ourselves as they have seen the benefits over the past years since we have been working for them.

On one particular occasion we received a failure back from the independent company that we use to test the oil samples. This failure was on one of TIMET’s largest and most crucial transformers and from the results it was apparent that something needed to be done about the oil sooner rather than later. In this case there were two options, to either isolate the transformer, drain down and scrap the old oil and buy new oil to re-fill the transformer. This option is not only expensive due to having to purchase the new oil but it would have also meant that part of the plant would have to be shut down throughout the job meaning that production would be halted and therefore costing TIMET more money. This was not the case however as with our help we were able to attend on site with our filtration system, connect the hoses to the drain valve and the header tank then begin filtration within half hour of being on site.

Due to the size of the transformer we had to remain on site for two days to ensure that we thoroughly removed all impurities present in the oil. This however did not have any adverse effects to the running of the plant as it could continue as normal meaning there would be no halt in production and also no expensive costs of purchasing new oil. Once we were satisfied that we had filtered the oil sufficiently we take an oil sample again and test it on site with our specialist test equipment to provide instant feedback and to ensure that further filtration is not required. all of the companies that we have provided this service to have been extremely satisfied with both the result along with the vast amount of money that they have saved from using this service.  

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Eco Friendly Lighting upgrade

At transform energy maintenance services, we provide a range of money saving and environmentally friendly services. One of these being the upgrade from a standard lighting system to a more cost effective and environmentally friendly LED system. We provided this service to Mars Drinks.

Before attending on site we did a number of previous visits to enable us to calculate the correct amount of lighting units we would require to give a sufficient output and also to look aesthetically pleasing. This enabled us to plan effectively the best approach to the job. In addition to this we constructed many of the components prior to attending on site which meant that we would reduce the time we needed to spend on site along with the disruption that we would cause.

This meant that we attended on site prepared to start installing the new lights immediately. We first began by removing the old lighting units and cabling that supplied them. After this was done we laid out the new units to ensure that they looked to be positioned correctly. We then began installing the bus bar that would supply the lights along with the emergency lighting system that we were also installing as part of the job. After this the upgraded lights slotted into place with minimal effort due to the majority of the components being pre-assembled off site.

Throughout the entire job we were working around the demands of the customer as this was in an office environment there were many points throughout the day where we were unable to work above the employees therefore we had to wait till they went home and work after hours to ensure that the job was still completed on time.

The completed job bought many compliments from all levels of the company as they were astounded at the result. Due to the final result and the professional manner in which this job was completed Mars Drinks have asked us to follow up this work with the same to be done throughout all areas of the site.


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At Transform Energy Maintenance Services, we offer a range of thermographic services. We provide these services to Timet UK who feel as though the service given them a great advantage with maintaining their plant to avoid lengthy unplanned outages. This is because with our services we can identify faults developing before they actually occur. We offer thermography on high voltage and low voltage equipment. Timet UK benefits from both of these services. The main benefit from thermography is that it is completely un intrusive and allows the technician to identify potential faults before they have occurred without any effect on production.

At Timet we carry out thermography on low voltage distribution/fuse boards to ensure that there is nothing untoward and that there are no supplies with unbalanced loads or unusually high temperatures which would indicate a supply drawing an unusually high current. In addition to this the technician also checks that the distribution board is fit for purpose meaning that there are no holes in the casing, the case is not damaged, the case is lockable and the cables are labelled up correctly to identify what they are supplying. In the case of a high temperature reading on one of the supplies we will then promptly report this to our site contact and follow this up with a report.

Timet UK also provides us with a list of their main equipment on site which we provide thermal imaging surveys of. This equipment predominantly consists of; motors, motor control panels, switchgear, furnace control panels, press control panels, furnace bus bars, transformers and many more. This service regularly identifies faults on site that would have potentially cost hundreds of thousands if they hadn’t been identified in advance by our thermal imaging. TIMET have been thrilled with the findings on our surveys which have enabled them to plan maintenance efficiently to avoid lengthy and costly outages upon the total breakdown of equipment which we have regularly been able to avoid through this service. This service is provided to TIMET every two months to ensure that we are able to catch any potential faults before they occur and is done completely intrusively without the need for any isolations.

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Oil Sampling

At Transform Energy Maintenance Services, we offer transformer oil sampling and testing to provide an early warning system to any faults that may be present in the transformer its self or the insulating oil that it contains. We carry out this work on some of the UK’s largest industrial sites such as CF Fertilisers, Timet and Lafarge/Tarmac. We are able to do this work without any adverse effects on the running of the transformer and the overall running of the site.

The work is carried out by a trained professional who is aware of the dangers when around a live transformer. To take an oil sample we will first drain out a litre of oil to avoid any sediment or water that may have settled which could potentially contaminate the sample, the sample will then be taken and stored in a clean new sample jar that is enclosed in a protective tube whilst transported to avoid both breakages and interference from light. Along with the sample we will also take notes of the condition of the transformer. This includes the condition of the pen, the temperature of the transformer, the paintwork on the transformer, the condition of the silica gel crystals, the oil level and whether there are any leaks present.

Once the samples have been obtained we send them to an independent party for the tests to be carried out. Once this is complete we receive reports that we will further analyse and promptly advise the customer upon any action that may be required for the transformer and the level of urgency that attention is required. In the case of any issues we provide an oil filtration service that is used to purify the oil and raise the insulation value to ensure that the transformer remains safe and efficient.

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Transformer Oil Testing | Lafarge Cement

Following annual laboratory “transformer oil testing” at Lafarge Cement, waterhouses.

It was noted that several transformers failed to meet the required British standards for KV strength and moisture content.

With effective “transformer oil filtration” the insulation oil was bought back within  standard, this was a manned and monitored one day procedure per transformer carried out on site at a fraction of the cost of replacing the insulation oil.

Chief electrical engineer Justin Welford was delighted with the results as following our filtration method the insulation oil standard was actually above that expected of new insulation oil.

It was also an environmentally friendly procedure, negating the need to dispose of the existing oil and the transportation of new insulation oil to site.

The procedure can also be carried out “live” without power interruption giving our customers peace of mind their operation can continue to run smoothly while essential and critical works are carried out.

Lafarge Cement are a valued customer of Transform Energy and enjoy a close working relationship.

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