Eco Friendly Lighting upgrade

At transform energy maintenance services, we provide a range of money saving and environmentally friendly services. One of these being the upgrade from a standard lighting system to a more cost effective and environmentally friendly LED system. We provided this service to Mars Drinks.

Before attending on site we did a number of previous visits to enable us to calculate the correct amount of lighting units we would require to give a sufficient output and also to look aesthetically pleasing. This enabled us to plan effectively the best approach to the job. In addition to this we constructed many of the components prior to attending on site which meant that we would reduce the time we needed to spend on site along with the disruption that we would cause.

This meant that we attended on site prepared to start installing the new lights immediately. We first began by removing the old lighting units and cabling that supplied them. After this was done we laid out the new units to ensure that they looked to be positioned correctly. We then began installing the bus bar that would supply the lights along with the emergency lighting system that we were also installing as part of the job. After this the upgraded lights slotted into place with minimal effort due to the majority of the components being pre-assembled off site.

Throughout the entire job we were working around the demands of the customer as this was in an office environment there were many points throughout the day where we were unable to work above the employees therefore we had to wait till they went home and work after hours to ensure that the job was still completed on time.

The completed job bought many compliments from all levels of the company as they were astounded at the result. Due to the final result and the professional manner in which this job was completed Mars Drinks have asked us to follow up this work with the same to be done throughout all areas of the site.


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