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Oil Filtration or Oil Change?
Oil filtration is not only cost effective it is an environmentally friendly solution to simply changing you insulating oil following an oil sample failure. In most cases it is not necessary to change the transformer oil for new oil as effective oil purification will reduce water content, increase dielectric strength, reduce fibres and de-gas the oil bringing your oil back within BSEN 60422:2013Case Study: Lafarge Tarmac
Following annual routine oil testing the oil in one of the main distribution transformers had failed due to high water content failing the current BSEN 60422: 2013 standard.

Lafarge Tarmac is a high output 24 hour, 7 days a week operation and power outages that would be required to change the transformer oil would have involved major planning and cost associated with hiring, installing and commission temporary generator input feeds to keep the plant running, not to mention safe storage and transportation of such a large volume of oil.
Instead Transform Energy were able to filter the transformer oil with one of our mobile oil filtration units without any power disruption and at a considerably lower cost than changing the oil.

Transformer Oil Testing at Lafarge Cement
Please click here to read what Transform Energy did for valued customer Lafarge Cement.

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