Transformer Painting

Painting Services Protecting…
Maintaining a Quality of Standard Protecting your Electrical Infrastructure that drives your business.

Our engineers are experienced in refurbishing and painting outdoor switchgear, ring main units and distribution transformers. We re-gasket leaking oil filled Transformers & Switchgear protecting and preserving the life of your distribution network.

1. Steam cleaning
2. Rust removal and treatment
3. Replacement of transformer cooling radiators
4. Spray painting and flow painting
5. Transformer compound refurbishment, including bund walls
6. Corrosion treatments with rust inhibitors
7. All necessary parts are masked to prevent paint over-spray. Transformers painted to specification
8. Radiator flow painting to achieve high paint build (This technique is advantageous in coastal areas and in arduous atmospheres)
9. Gate valves, breathers and auxiliaries are painted different colours for ease of identification

transformer painting

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